Office Printing Solutions

Every office has different needs when it comes to their printing solutions. Most companies will grow from a home based business into a larger office will require a change in their printing solutions. It doesn’t make sense for a business to have several small ink-jet printers running all at the same time each serving as individual employee. Ink-jet printers are notoriously expensive to maintain and can only serve one or two people at a time without causing a huge backlog of print jobs. A larger office should have a singular large format laser-jet printer that will process jobs more quickly and more efficiently than smaller individual printers can. In the long run this will be much better for your business as it will lower many of the costs your business will incur. Converting from individual printers to one central unit will require several things and you should be aware of them before moving forward with this process.

Your office will have to establish a network of some sort for all the machines in your office to print to a single machine. This could mean bringing in a computer expert to establish your network, or simply setting it up yourself. Setting up a network Printing materials’ quality for your office is really quite simple and can be done in any office outfitted for DSL, which most already are. All you will need to do is to route the DSL through one central router and out to the individual machines and setup the central printer either through your router or one of the computer’s on the network that can grant access to all the computer’s on the network.

Once you have a network in place you should do plenty of research before purchasing the printer you are going to place on your office network. There are plenty of models out on the market from companies like Brother, Hewlett Packard, Epson and Lexmark. You should choose a machine that gives you the options you need and has the print capacity that fits your company.


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