How to Build a Custom Sauna

A sauna, or steam room, is a wonderful luxury that can offer you many years of enjoyment and health benefits. However, saunas can be expensive if they are purchased already assembled. But don’t get discouraged yet, as it’s not at all difficult to build a sauna using some simple carpentry skills, tools and easy to afford materials. Your sauna will be beautiful, designed just the way you want it and at a fraction of the price of a ready made unit. Here’s how you can build your own custom sauna.

Step 1: Decide what type of sauna will best meet your needs.
There are many choices in the types of saunas available to consumers. To get an idea on what type you may prefer, you may want to visit an outdoor entertainment furniture retailer in your area that has saunas on display and see them in person. Sit in them, see what features you like and imagine what it will be like in your sauna once you build it. You may also want to ask around to see what others have to say about saunas and the many features that they can include. Of course, the Internet will be your best friend when it comes to doing in depth research on saunas. You can even find communities of people who own saunas and can share some personal insight into the latest features and benefits of owning a sauna.

Step 2: How much work do you want to put into the construction of the sauna.
Before you jump into the building of your custom sauna, you may want to decide how much work you can realistically put into the construction of the sauna. If you are a professional carpenter, then it won’t be as difficult to build your spa in a matter of a few days. However, if you are like the majority of consumers, you may only have simple tools and skills to use for the building of the sauna. If you are coming from a more beginner standpoint, there are sauna kits that come partially pre-assembled that can be purchased and installed relatively simply. Keep in mind that you may be limited in what you can have as far as custom options, but this may be a reasonable way to build your sauna. If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, it’s perfectly acceptable to sauna ask for help from a local carpenter or home repair company in the building of your sauna.

Step 3: Figure out where the sauna will be located.
Saunas can be installed either inside or outside your home or office. This is a nice feature, particularly if you are limited in space or property. Keep in mind that saunas do require a source of electricity and they are susceptible to moisture both inside and outside. Your new sauna should be placed in a location where users can get in and out easily and experience privacy while doing so. Think of it as your oasis and escape from the stresses of everyday life and you’ll have the idea. If you are building your sauna indoors or out, be sure it is placed on a sturdy surface where it will not cause any floor rotting or mildew.

Step 4: Decide what materials are needed.
Now that you have an idea on what kind of sauna you would like, how much work you are going to do to build it and where it is going to be located, its time to decide what materials are needed to get started. You can consult with a sauna retailer to find out where to purchase ready made kits or research what kinds of wood should be used for the sauna. You will want to use a nice quality wood that resists warping from heat and moisture, and that will not rot quickly. Pressure treated wood is always a nice choice. Then you will need to think about the interior of the sauna and find materials to create benches for sitting or reclining on, hooks to hang up robes and a heater system to create the kind of heat you want. All of these items can be purchased ahead of time.

Step 5: Build the sauna & enjoy!
You have the materials, now its time to build your custom sauna. This is going to take some planning, and you will want to be sure to take careful measurements of where you want the sauna to be located once it is built. Sauna plans can be found online or through your local hardware stores. Pre-made sauna kits will already have plans and steps to help you assemble them quickly. It’s important to note that building a sauna is not a one-person job due to the size and bulk of a sauna so you may want to enlist the help of a friend or another carpenter to get the job done. Once the sauna is built, then you may want to install a set of door seals and test it to make sure that it heats to the correct temperature but that it doesn’t heat up too much due to health and safety reasons.


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